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Are You Certain Your Digital Data is Safe?

What would happen to your business if a virus held you to ransomware?

Or if someone accidentally deleted all the critical data?

If you haven’t actually tested your backup system, you may lose all your data and cripple your business.
But first, consider this…
IT support

If you’ve moved your data to the cloud, then perhaps you’ve had these challenges?

The technological changes have given your business a modern data system… much better than those old clunky internal servers, right? Now the system is efficient, cost-effective to run and lets anyone in your team access data via the cloud. The bad news is your data may not be secure against crypto-locker viruses.
You’ve warned everyone not to click those suspicious links, but the virus specialists are professionals. They make the emails and websites look trustworthy. A simple opening of an invoice from one of your supplier can lock-up laptops and PCs. What’s more, these viruses are sophisticated enough that they will also destroy your storage, your backups and your whole IT system.
You want to make sure that data is accessible to anyone that needs it in the company, but what happens when a staff member leaves and steals your intellectual property that took you years to develop or your customer lists? Do you think that will impact your business? You bet it does!
How many times have you been frustrated with the service of your IT providers? You ring or email IT support and get no response for hours, sometimes days. You deal with basic problems, like Windows updates crashing your PC again. Let’s face it, the IT team are reactive, not proactive. They work on the most urgent IT issue, one at a time and if you are not their “favorite customer” how long do you have to wait?

Imagine… having a proactive, reliable, and secure IT solution that is tailored for what you need?

This is possible.

Introducing…. our peace of mind, hassle-free IT service with extended hours support that gives you proactive advice on what you should do with your systems to stay ahead of the constant changes.

We’ve seen all the usual backup systems (that are supposed to be immune from crypto-locker virus) get totally destroyed even with the latest anti-virus software protection. Unfortunately, new crypto-locker viruses are created each week, which punch through the anti-virus software. We tailor a solution to create uncorruptible backups for your company that keep you safe from these threats. You can sleep well knowing that if all goes to hell and the worse happens, you can restore your whole system and be back running again.

Instead of allowing suspicious files, emails, or websites to be accessed, we use a range of technologies to block viruses from coming into your company in the first instance. The advanced threat protection quarantines suspicious external links so they can’t accidentally get clicked by unaware staff members.
We use a combination of high-tech and complex systems to secure your sensitive data so it can’t be stolen by someone who has resigned or been let go. This means, if someone tries to steal your IP or data via USB or other means, they will be stopped. The technology exists right now and means that having your data copied or stolen without your permission is your choice.

With more people working from home and often late into the night or early mornings, we understand that you when you have an IT issue, you need a solution right now – not in a few hours or days. That’s why our team works extended hours to help you and your team deal with emergency IT problems fast. What’s more, we stay ahead of the technology changes and give you proactive advice on what you should do with your software, hardware, and anti-virus systems to stay protected.

What others say

A&D Australasia commenced a business relationship with HDQ Consulting during June of 2021, which is now ongoing.

Our initial interest in the HDQ Consulting services related to the Cyber Security area but we are now aware that HDQ offers a much wider range of IT support services.

HDQ have displayed high level of professionalism in our business dealings, which when combined with the very high level of expertise they possess, makes HDQ an excellent business partner for any organisation looking to control their IT operations.

Greg Hill, the CEO of HDQ, presented to all of our staff in relation to Cyber Security and his impact was immediate as our staff become immediately aware of the threats our business faced and how they could play their part in protecting our company.

HDQ ran a full “health check” of our business in relation to Cyber Security and presented a very detailed report into our cyber health, which contained an easy to understand list of actions, prioritised in urgency.

I would strongly recommend HDQ Consulting as a potential business partner, if your organisation is looking for highly competent IT support, presented in a manner that is easy to interpret and implement.

Kevin JohnsonKevin Johnson
Managing Director 
AND Logo

Kevin JohnsonKevin Johnson
Managing Director 
AND Logo

“There are three words I use to sum up HDQ Consulting; Professionalism, Thoroughness and Value. HDQ has been working with Eka Software Solutions and Greg and his team have nailed it in terms of a best fit solution.

The HDQ team has expertise and is well versed in the latest solutions for the business. I recommend HDQ for any needs that you may have in this area.”

Peter StanleyPeter Stanley
Director of Supply Chain & Operations Solutions
EKA logo

Peter StanleyPeter Stanley
Director of Supply Chain & Operations Solutions
EKA logo

Why Partner With Us?

Your Trusted IT Solution Partners…

Together We Customise, Solve, and Implement

In 2012, HDQ Consulting was established with the focus of helping businesses implement business management systems. This evolved into using our previous software and IT skills to implement ERP and CRM software to solve our clients’ challenges.

The result for our clients is increased transparency, improved employee productivity, enhanced efficiency while protecting digital data.

One of our strengths is our open, collaborative, and proactive approach. We don’t shy away from client questions. We welcome them. That’s why we’ve continued to create strong relationships with our clients.

After implementing nearly 100 software systems for our clients, we were constantly asked to take over the IT support from their existing providers. We invested in our team, training, and technology to now offer proactive IT software, hardware, and security support to our clients.

What’s more, we are small enough to offer personalised service… flexible, proactive, and innovative, and large enough to provide excellent client service, in-depth expertise, and fast response times with our IT support.

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    Be notified! Hear about urgent Threats, Alerts and Scams as they happen and get education direct to inbox!

    Be notified! Hear about urgent Threats, Alerts and Scams as they happen and get education direct to inbox!

    Be notified! Hear about urgent Threats, Alerts and Scams as they happen and get education direct to inbox!