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If you want to manage your project remotely, is there a better way to do Kan Ban/Agile and task allocation?

Sounds familiar?


Long hours, high stress and tired team members and the projects still barely break even or worse overrun and lose money. You go from project to project hoping the next one is going to make it all worthwhile.

Who is Fred? He is the guy that deals with the client and no one knows where he is up to on the project. If only there was a way to have complete visibility of ever thing that happens on a project.

Everyone is surprised when a project that has been running for a while suddenly is running over budget. What is worse is that it does not stop there and continues to bleed money for months to come.

Team members are not sure exactly which project they should be working on, exactly which of the many tasks is the priority and nobody can really see who is overloaded and who has plenty of time to watch Netflix instead of working.

Do you need to manage client documentation with automatic version control and share with your team in real time?

We can help.

Giving your team the right tools and make your projects profitable and deliver a 437% return on investment (as detailed in the Forrester report).

As our core business is implementing software projects we a well-equipped to help them implement systems and processes that deliver the outcomes you are looking for.

Using our R.A.P.I.D. implementation methodology we can bring fast improvements to your business and get your projects profitable in a short period of time.

Get reporting in real time, bring data into your finance system without the aggravation of having to copy and paste the same information multiple times, and just maintain one source of truth.

If some of your team onsite while the others are in the office, how do they work on the same things are the same time?

What others say.

“There are three words I use to sum up HDQ Consulting; Professionalism, Thoroughness and Value. HDQ has been working with Eka Software Solutions and Greg and his team have nailed it in terms of a best fit solution.

The HDQ team has expertise and is well versed in the latest solutions for the business. I recommend HDQ for any needs that you may have in this area.”

EKA logoPeter Stanley
Director of Supply Chain & Operations Solutions

“What we appreciated most about working with Greg and his team was their ability to cut through the predictable complexities and help us create a system that is easy to follow, easy to use and is not over bearing to maintain.

We have had many questions answered quickly and efficiently and we are very happy and will continue to use HDQ Consulting in the future.”

Civil Mining Group logoKaryn Gee Accounts Technician & IMS Manager at Civil Mining Group Pty. Ltd.

How much time per day would an automatically generated GANNT chart that is integrated with the business software save you?

Forrester Report shows a 437% Return on Investment.

(get access to that report at the bottom of this page)

Get the Report.

Increase Productivity, Realize Efficiencies, Increase Visibility, And Boost Collaboration With Teamwork

Be notified! Hear about urgent Threats, Alerts and Scams as they happen and get education direct to inbox!

Be notified! Hear about urgent Threats, Alerts and Scams as they happen and get education direct to inbox!

Be notified! Hear about urgent Threats, Alerts and Scams as they happen and get education direct to inbox!