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Greg Hill | Chief Executive Officer

My career has largely been within the technology sector, including working as an Operations Manager role for a tech company that implements software in a range of industries, and working for a mining software development company. Throughout the journey I’ve seen the boom and bust cycles that plague the industry and worked with companies that are consistently delivering projects that are breaking even or losing money because they have not implemented the right software that gives them transparency over their projects. If any of this sounds familiar, I would like to talk to you to see how me and my team might be able to help.

How We Ensure Project Success

Our process for implementing software in your business is underpinned by our R.A.P.I.D process.

Using this methodology ensures your project will be a successful implementation and deliver an outstanding return on investment.


Sales and Marketing Systems




Acquiring new customers in today's modern selling environment requires new strategies and approaches that didn't exist five years ago. In fact some of the marketing techniques that were working great six months ago no longer work as efficiently, if they work at all, and therefore are not producing the results required to keep a business growing in today's market.

Adding to this challenge is the problem of having to use multiple disparate systems in order to build a “best in class” sales and marketing solution which means that the users of the systems are repeatedly copying and pasting information or not using the systems as designed which results in unreliable results, flaky sales forecasts and lumpy sales. Consider getting HDQ Consulting to audit your sales and marketing system, make some recommendations and assist you with implementing a state-of-the-art modern solution.

Service and Support Systems





These days it’s all about delivering a seamless, slick customer experience that creates raving fans and ongoing happy customers for the future.

Social media is plastered with examples of angry unsatisfied customers that have been let down by poor systems, bad integration and out-of-date practices.

Consider getting HDQ Consulting to audit your current systems, provide some options on how to improve and help you implement a world-class experience to your customers so you can create raving fans and generate sales into the future.

Finance and Accounting Systems







Often overlooked, the finance and accounting systems of the business are probably the most critical.

Providing the business leaders with real-time, accurate, decision-making information data and dashboards is a key requirement of all businesses these days. Anything less and it's like driving a car by trying to look in the rearview mirror.

If you’re getting frustrated the systems that you have in your business consider getting HDQ Consulting to audit what you’re currently doing, make some recommendations and assist you implementing a world-class system that natively interfaces with every other system in the business.

HDQ Consulting is a totally independent technology consulting company that helps businesses improve their sales and marketing, implement state-of-the-art financial reporting systems and improve their operational excellence and customer experience by implementing the latest cutting-edge technology to reduce costs and increase impact.

We do this by:

We help businesses select and implement the right systems for massive growth, we are a totally independent technology consulting and coaching company and we partner with a range of  services providers, so you get the best deal and best service. We don’t have a barrow to push, so we can recommend the best solution for your application.

Be notified! Hear about urgent Threats, Alerts and Scams as they happen and get education direct to inbox!

    Be notified! Hear about urgent Threats, Alerts and Scams as they happen and get education direct to inbox!

    Be notified! Hear about urgent Threats, Alerts and Scams as they happen and get education direct to inbox!