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Why you need a website!

There are ton a reasons these days of why you need to have online presence to promote your business. The first thing that many people do when they here about a business is look them up online.

*A business that can’t be found online does not seem like a “real” business.

*People search for most products and services these days via Google, not yellow pages.

*Social media is a great way to communicate with your customers and drive traffic to your website, but you have no control.over the system, they can change the rules or ban you at a moment’s notice.

*You can’t set up an eCommerce store and sell to your customers on social media.

*You can set your website up to educate your customers on why they should by from your before they even contact you.

*You can add an automatic electronic newsletter that people sign up to from your website that gets into their email inbox every month/week/day/hour.

*A well-constructed website improves your image branding in the market place.

*A business that has a website is generally perceived as being more professional and successful.