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YOUR Marketing is Broken (and what to do about it)

Most lead generation guru these days is preaching the same marketing garbage that doesn’t work, it’s damaging your reputation and annoying your potential customers.

Things like “send a hundred connection requests each day to strangers, promise them a lead magnet, then spam the hell out of their email inbox until the give in to your incessant badgering and buy something of you or work out how to unsubscribe”.

Does this actually sound like a strategy that is going to work? Do these actions sound like something a high-value professional would do?

What went wrong

In all fairness this strategy worked really well up until about a year ago.  Things move fast in today’s digital marketing and the problem is that everybody knows about this strategy now and many have been hammering it relentlessly lately. The problem is that most of us have our In-mail message account flooded each day with random messages and we are now all awake to what’s going on.

Why it doesn’t work

When was the last time you bought something from somebody that;

  • sneakily got hold of your email address (without your permission)
  • sent you unsolicited messages, telling you how great their products/service is
  • kept flooding your mailbox with constant messages hiding the important ones that get missed

When this happens to us now we get annoyed. We even get resentful at the fact we have to waste time deleting the messages or unsubscribing. How is this a good basis to build a relationship with somebody who might be looking to buy from you?

What to do instead

We have all heard about the concept of “know, like and trust”. What this means is that generally before somebody parts with their hard earned cash, they need to get to know a bit about who you are, make a decision on some level that they like you and then at some point they need to make a determination that you’ll will do what you say will do (trust).

So how do we do this?  If you’re using Sales Navigator you can build a list of ideal prospects that you can start to engage through the platform by liking or commenting on their posts, getting to know them and using information that is presented to you in order to justify why you might want to send them a connection requests. For instance you may have people in common that you both know, you may have interest groups in common or you both might dislike something which is a great way to start a real conversation and build a relationship with somebody who might be an ideal candidate for whatever you sell.

The second thing to do is change your motivation from trying to “connect and sell” and instead think about helping as many people as you can. Just by doing this you further develop the relationship and often the prospect will ask you about what you do and how you can help them.

Now while this may look like it will take a lot of time, so descending massive numbers of messages and connection request to people who don’t want to talk to you or her have any interest in anything you got to say.

In Summary

Successful modern selling these days is about;

  • Build relationships
  • Helping people

Make this your strategy, allocate some time to do this every day and start growing your business one relationship at a time.

How can I help you?

Send me a message or connection request of how I can help you or answer a question you have.  You can also check out how we can help by clicking on this link below and viewing a PointDrive presentation.

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      Be notified! Hear about urgent Threats, Alerts and Scams as they happen and get education direct to inbox!

      Be notified! Hear about urgent Threats, Alerts and Scams as they happen and get education direct to inbox!